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Border Steel and Recycling, Inc. is a family business that's been rooted in the steel industry for four generations.

It all began back in the 1940’s with Rex Smelser of Miles City, Montana. With the industrial age in full swing and a strong demand for salvage metals, Rex saw an opportunity for a great business.

Farmers, businessmen and railroad managers throughout eastern Montana needed an efficient and profitable way to recycle their scrap metals so Rex found a way to serve them. He traveled throughout the region in his truck buying their scrap metals and reselling them to a large recycling corporation. Rex was well known in the area for his integrity and was a stickler for treating his customers right; a reputation that still holds true today.

Rex developed lasting friendships everywhere he went. Even the folks he sold his salvage to took a liking to him. In 1950, Pacific Hide and Fur, a large salvage corporation recruited Rex to work at their facility in Sidney, Montana. Rex, his wife Apolonia, and each of their children all had a place in the corporation too, including their son Bill and their grandson, Bret. 

By the 1980’s three generations of the Smelser family were serving the good people of eastern Montana. Rex, Bill and Bret were all employees of the same corporation and with each generation this family's reputation grew stronger.

Over time health challenges forced Bill to leave his corporate position and pursue other ventures. Partnering with his son Bret, the two decided to put their experience to work in their own business. So, in 1985, Bill and Bret invested what they had to start up Border Steel and Recycling in Glendive, Montana and they’ve never looked back since.

Today, Border Steel and Recycling, Inc. is a thriving business with a fourth-generation Smelser behind the wheel. After Bill’s retirement, Brady Smelser, Bret’s son jumped on board and together they have expanded their business to include three locations in Montana and a fourth in North Dakota. Like his father and each generation before him, Brady is focused on the heart of their business – customer service.

There’s a reason the folks at Border Steel and Recycling are known as "the little guys with big service"… it’s in their blood.


Bill, Bret and Brady Smelser
Sidney, Montana 2011

~2007 Family Fishing Trip ~
Brady, Sharon and Bill Smelser

Bill and Bret Smelser
 stacking hides ~1985

~Bill and Sharon Smelser Family~
Cindy Smelser-Eleson, Todd Smelser, Tim Mulholland
Bret Smelser, Bill and Sharon Smelser

Rex Smelser ~1982

Rex with Grandson Bret
and their big catch  ~ 1965 

Rex Smelser (far right)
Main Street, Sidney, MT ~1950

Bill Smelser ~ 1988

Bret with sons
Bryon and Brady ~2006

Bill and Bret ~ 2012

Bill and Sharon with daughter
 Cindy Smelser-Eleson ~2012

Kent Syme, Brady Smelser, Ernie Gawryluk, Bret Smelser, Tim Mulholland
Jon Eaton, Kelly Moody  ~2012

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